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"ever since 1970"

Our company is focused on injection molding of technical products made of thermoplastic materials, weighing up to 200 g. Many products of our production can be classified in the group of products with demanding tolerances, among products made of demanding materials or among miniature products. Business partners often entrust us with the development of the necessary tools, technology and possible automation of production processes. Many years of experience and innovation, developed in cooperation with our partners, represent a guarantee for a technologically and qualitatively perfect product.

We strive for an open relationship, as we want to establish or nurture long-term cooperation. We are aware that the satisfaction of our business partner is a prerequisite for our success. Through long-term investments in equipment, we have ensured that our production is equipped with modern injection molding machines, automatization and measuring equipment. With recent investments, we have upgraded our company with a service tool shop, which increases our flexibility in production and automation development.

The employees of the collective are aware that an engaged approach to work, well-thought-out work processes and modern equipment are the basis for production reliability and product quality, whether it is small or large-scale production.

Why choose DUMIS for your projects

With the help of developed processes, we enable a high-quality and efficient process from your wishes to the production of the desired product.

Our advantage is the production of demanding technical products with narrow tolerance zones.

To ensure responsiveness to service needs and maintenance, we have our own tool shop.

We are improving production efficiency with introduction of automated cells and robotization.

To ensure quality, we have our own measuring devices that enables us to develop and control processes.

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Our products are divided into several different categories.

Structural components


Small electrical components


Gas technology



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